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Thank you for the amazing gift. We just got home from a family activity and are headed back out, but I really wanted to put up the beautiful temple picture before we left again. So, I got out the picture hangers and hung it in our living room. When I stepped back to look at it, I was completely unprepared for the emotional explosion that I experienced. Looking at the temple with our names and date, EVERYTHING from the past year hit me and I fell apart. Thank you so very much for the beautiful Temple Art. It is an absolute treasure and I am so grateful to have it in our home to remind us all of the miracles that we have been given.

From: Anonymous in Lehi, Utah

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help. I will definately recommend you guys to my friends. Your level of customer service is wonderful. I really do appreciate it.

From: Kristi

I just wanted to let you know I received the picture yesterday & I love it! Thank you so much!

From: Debbie

This is my Grandma's Christmas present. I can tell you this safely because she doesn't own a computer. Anyway, the frame is black and kind of blends into the counter top. But, you can see the picture real clear. This is from from my friend Melissa and her new Temple Art business. Isn't it so pretty. I couldn't be happier with it. It was a cinch too. You just gohere and then you pick which temple (there are a few of each one), what size, and what you would like it to say. You can personalize with name and dates, or whatever. She has lots of suggestions for you to look at. I didn't do a date because this isn't where my grandparents were sealed. But this is where they most often go now. Anyway, she is having a holiday SALE right now. So, if you need some present's a great one!

From: Nicole C.

I love your temple pictures

From: Heather S.

Thanks so much. My husband and I were able to attend the Gila temple dedication not long ago and my husband suggested that we visit every temple before we die. A big task I know. We pledged to at least see every one in the US. Since then we've kinda been on fire with temple work. We've allready been able to attend 4 of them and are going to Albuquerque this weekend. I've cleared a temple wall where every picture of the temple with how we felt at each one will hang. I love your pictures and you give me the opportunity to customize each one. I appreciate the price as well. With your prices I can afford to fill a whole wall with temples. I'll be requesting more soon. Thanks so much.

From: Joeline B.

I am excited to see you have the DC temple on My Temple Art too. I definetlly will get one of those for Drew and me, our 15th anniv. is this summer.

From: Heather E.

Thank you so much!! We love the 16 x 20 print. We are getting it matted to coordinate with our picture of Christ and want the framed prints to be the same size. If I can be of any other help of know of anyone else that might be of use to you I'll send their information along. Thank you again for everything!

From: Angela S.

Your website is awesome! It fit my tight budget to be able to order a personalized temple picture for my best friend for her wedding. You guys are great!

From: Emily L.

We have absolutely fallen in love with the picture and how it looks with our names on it. Thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me, and for being so kind and thoughtful. I will definitely come back and use My Temple Art because of how great you've been through these emails.

From: Kristi M.

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